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If you haven't exercised in a long time, it can be incredibly daunting and difficult to motivate yourself to start again. It's always going to be tough getting back into an effective fitness routine, but we're here to give you some advice how to go about it!

Not exercising for a few months or more can have serious dramatic effects on your body; your lungs, blood vessels, heart and ability to use oxygen all weaken, and your muscles can even start to lose strength after just 72 hours without exercise! Which is why it's vitally important to keep exercising regularly and maintain that routine.

It's an inescapable fact that getting back into exercise after a long time is not easy; because you've lost so much aerobic fitness ability, it becomes harder to breathe, your joints will feel stressed and your heart will have to work super hard to keep your blood pumping.

But, that doesn't mean you should give up after one session that leaves you flat out! Your body has an amazing ability to adapt, and it won't be too long until you're feeling fitter.

The most important thing to remember when starting to exercise again is not to pick up where you left off at your fittest, because your body may no longer be able to cope. Use the first 2-4 weeks to work out at a lower intensity; depending on how you exercise, use lighter weights, do fewer sets, and extend your warm-up and cool-down sessions to ensure your body is able to prepare itself and then recover.

Stretching before and after your workout is also crucial, as it increases circulation and will help reduce the inevitable soreness of your muscles the next day!

If you're looking to attend a fitness class to kick off your new regime, then try our Zumba Gold, Dancercise or Body Tone classes; these are suitable for all fitness levels (including beginners!) and provide a range of benefits to help get your body back into the swing of things.

So, you've reached the 4 week mark are feeling a little bit fitter and much more confident: it's time to step things up a gear. After around 6 weeks, start increasing the distance you run, the weights you lift and the amount of times you exercise to the level you used to work at, and you'll be as fit as a fiddle sooner than you think!

You can also build up the intensity of your exercise by trying out some of our more challenging fitness classes, such as MetaFit, Bootcamp or Kettlebells, to really get your heart pumping and those muscles working!

Getting back in to the routine of regular exercise is difficult, but the hardest bit is motivating yourself to actually start, and keep it up. Once you get into it and begin to see results, you might even start to enjoy yourself! Especially with our fun and affordable classes and become a CommuniFitty!

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