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Improve your happiness with Nouveau!

Improve your happiness with Nouveau!

How Physical Activity Can Improve your Happiness

Certainly, you’re aware that physical activity is good for your physical health and wellbeing. It makes you stronger, it keeps your overall weight in check and keeps you staying active and feeling youthful even at an older age.

However, did you know that exercise could also improve your mood and happiness? This is really true, especially when you stay active and work out on a regular basis; it is not only a coincidence that you’ll feel less anxious and less stressed, and generally happier.

1. It produces happy chemicals to your brain

Dopamine is a kind of hormone, which plays a crucial role in happiness. It transmits signals to the brain that triggers the feeling of happiness and pleasure. The perfect way to release the dopamine in your brain is through regular physical activity. So, jump, lift, play, run – and get happy.

2. It will make you less stressed out

By helping you sweat out the worries of your day, regular physical activity will help you to be less stressed out. This is because when you do physical activity, you increase your heart rate, and at the same time trigger a gush of hormonal changes. Less stress means a healthier and happier life.

3. It energises you

There is no doubt that sometimes you have these days when you just feel too lazy to exercise and working out is the last thing in the world that you would like to do. However, no matter how tired and exhausted you are from a long day at work by gathering up all your willpower to do your physical activities you will feel happier and more energised afterwards than what you did before. More energy means greater happiness. So, exercise and be happy!

The next time you feel a little down, anxious or stressed out come and join us at Nouveau Dance & Fitness and see how fun physical activity can improve your feelings and happiness. See you there! :)

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