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We’re Nouveau Wellbeing CIC; an award winning community interest company established in 2008 to encourage increased fitness levels, personal development and healthy lifestyle choices - helping people and communities to feel positive, be active and live well.

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The instructor was lovely and explained everything to me; what was going to happen in the session and told me if I was struggling to let her know. This put me at ease and I got on with the session. Now, even though I have been attending over a year I still find it fun and benefit from the sessions.


In 1997 I was diagnosed with a blocked right coronary artery and later is Ischemia of the left ventricle. On the correct medication my situation improved but I had to use a spray regularly, about 2-3 times daily. 

About 2 years ago I had a discussion with my GP who told me that research had shown how exercise can significantly reduce the risk of heart problems. On her advice I joined Nouveau Dance & Fitness in Shotton and rarely use the spray I used to rely on so much. 

I feel so much better in myself and my joints effected by Arthritis are also much improved. These classes are essential to everyday life. 


The classes have changed my lifestyle. I feel fitter for going and really enjoy them. I look forward to the sessions every week. It gets me out the house more and socialising with different people. I can see a different in my health and I'm not complaining as much about my aches and pains. I'm sleeping a lot better and feel I have a better routine overall. My body shape has changed and I have a defined waist which I love. The sessions have been so popular that the centre is going to fund them to stop on longer. This is great as I wouldn't know what to do without coming to the sessions weekly. 


Now nearly 6 months into the programme I have joined a third class with Nouveau Dance & Fitness called Metafit. Metafit is something I never thought I would be able to do as it's hard work and intense, but I go each week and I love the challenge.

The classes have helped me to build my confidence and self-esteem and I now believe I can do things that I never thought I could. I feel I have lots more energy than before which helps me to do more with my children. I love the compliments I'm getting off family and friends about the change they have seen in me and I'm determined to stick with this new lifestyle.


This time last year I was 5 stone heavier but with the help of Nouveau Dance & Fitness and the endless support of my instructor Carly, who's 6 classes yes 6 classes! (Never thought a year ago I would have been capable of doing that every week!) have supported me in my weight loss journey. To me exercise is just as important as diet and each class is like seeing family so becomes enjoyable as there's no pressure to be the best in class, Carly ensures we all work out to our own level and most importantly we have "fitness fun" even when I reach my goal weight my classes will still be as important to me as they were over a year ago I would say to anyone who may be thinking of joining Carly's many varied classes To help weight loss DO IT YOU'VE NOTHING TO LOSE BUT WEIGHT


I really look forward to my Tuesday evenings, get my kit on, my bottle filled, raring to go!

Zumba Gold is lightly energetic, keep fit fun. Everyone can do it.....I feel relaxed, refreshed, and worked out after an hours session. It keeps me motivated, supple and healthy.

I always feel happy and content afterwards. And the Kimberly is an excellent instructor!"


The instructors at Nouveau Dance & Fitness are very professional, approachable and maintain confidentiality. They were always very punctual, well organised and have always brought any equipment needed for the sessions. The instructors are friendly and the sessions are excellent, content and age appropriate.

They make learning and fitness fun.


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