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Health & Wellbeing Projects

Nouveau Wellbeing CIC is an NHS Approved Supplier that has designed and delivered a range of health related programmes for the following projects:

Community Wellness Project

At the beginning of 2015 we were overjoyed to be awarded a grant from Reaching Communities Big Lottery Fund to deliver the Community Wellness Project across County Durham, Hartlepool and Stockton-On-Tees.

The fund will allow us to increase healthy living for people and communities with three specifically designed programmes; Move with Us, Cook with Us and Community Pods to get communities active, eating healthily and encourage behaviour change for long lasting results.


The Big Stride Project

The Big Stride Project ran over 12 months to engage 90 children and young people in creative dance activity to build confidence and self-esteem, develop friendships, increase positivity and raise aspirations. For young people less able to talk about difficult issues concerning them, dance can be a form of expression and release.

The Big Stride Project was designed to send out anti-bullying messages and build confidence, to increase self-esteem and feelings of self-worth. Through the promotion of friendship the groups were encouraged to put trust in one another through games and dance activities.

"This is a nice group, I’ve been able to talk and share things."
"I feel more confident to be able to stop the bully’s now."
"When we come here we feel safe and that no bullying will ever happen in this group."

The project funded by East Durham AAP engaged children and young people in four, 12 week anti-bullying themed creative dance programmes. The programmes took place in four community venues across East Durham.

In addition to the 'anti-bullying' focused sessions and to continue the positive experience, additional gifted and talented programmes were run throughout the course of the funding. Young people became part of these programmes by expressing an interest in developing their dance skills further. These young people received support and advice on how to develop further, and are completing Arts Award Qualifications as a result of the Project.

"It’s given us new opportunities like dancing for the Christmas lights switch on and doing the Arts Award and Keyfund."
"Some of us want to study sport and dance when we leave school so it will be really helpful with that."
Move 4 Life


Move4Life is an exciting programme aiming to get local people active through a range of activities tailored for those who are either overweight, have a family history of cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes, or are not active enough. As part of the programme Nouveau Dance & Fitness delivers dance and fitness across East Durham and South Durham areas.

Dance 4 Life


Awarded in October by County Durham and Darlington Primary Care Trust the 2 year project launched the Dance4Life brand in accordance to the Change4Life national campaign. Over 1600 people have been engaged in Dance4Life events since the award was made to Nouveau Dance & Fitness, with many participants signposted to local, high quality and safe dance activity across County Durham.


CREE Project

CREE Project

In September 2012 Nouveau Wellbeing was commissioned by East Durham Trust to set up a Men's group in Spennymoor aimed at reducing social isolation among men.

East Durham Trust are leading on the CREE project which is funded through County Durham and Darlington PCT and supports drop in groups based on an Australian idea known as 'Men's Sheds'. The project is a response to the closure of traditional industries and the loss of social facilities which greatly reduce contact between men, which in some cases can lead to the development of Mental Health problems.

County Durham Sport

Changing the Physical Activity Landscape

Nouveau Wellbeing was successful in securing funding from County Durham Sport and NHS County Durham through CPAL which enabled the enterprise to develop and implement the programme DanceFit which aims to increase the physical activity of sedentary older adults and in turn reduce the risk of Cardiovascular Disease of those participants with an estimated or actual risk of CVD greater than 20%. DanceFit has been successful in encouraging increased physical activity, with over 65% of participants demonstrating an increase in physical activity after six months.

Independent Case Study: Dorothy

Dorothy has found that the dance classes have made a big difference to her health and fitness. After having the heart bypass, Dorothy found it difficult to walk. However, she can now exercise relatively freely, getting through a whole dance class without feeling breathless. She puts this down to exercising to music. Dorothy says she feels "happier" after the classes, comparing the feeling to when she was younger and went to dances. When talking about the difference it has made to her ability to exercise, Dorothy explained:

"I think if every doctor's surgery had one of these, they wouldn't be giving so many pills out! I think if more people did things like this, they wouldn't need so many drugs that they give out. It would save the NHS a fortune!"


Healthy Village Challenge

Funding was awarded in 2011 and with the help of Nouveau Dance & Fitness, a programme of physical activities was developed at Wheatley Hill Community Association with over 200 adults registered. The results showed participants developed a greater understanding of the benefits of exercise. A number of participants also took a personal journey from depression, bereavement, low confidence and poor health.

"You could say the HVC (delivered by Nouveau Fitness) has changed my life totally. I'm 2st 8lb lighter and I have more confidence now than I've had for a long time. This is down to the trainers/instructors who have always offered their support. The HVC got me out, met new people and now it's a social event, I love the classes." Beneficiary


Social Enterprise Investment Fund- Department of Health

SEIF awarded investment to Nouveau Dance & Fitness to pilot two fitness programmes DanceFit and Urban Dance:

The Urban Dance Programme targeted 30 hard to reach young women aged 16-25 to increase their confidence and participation in physical activity. Their low activity levels were related to a number of reasons including; poor experience of PE at school, lack of confidence in their ability, and feeling self-conscious.

  • 70% of participants stated at the start of the project that they feel self-conscious when participating in sport and activity.
  • 80% had very little confidence in attending the gym
  • 60% had poor experience of sport/physical activity in school.

By the end of the 6 month programme confidence in physical activity had increased significantly and 60% of participants were attending the gym or additional classes.

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